Massage Therapy



Escape the daily routine and unwind with this classic massage. Using long strokes combined with moderate pressure, our experts with have you feeling immediate improvement in your circulation while releasing pressure and stress.


Slow down and relax with this restorative and calming massage. Blending Swedish and Circulatory methods, the professionals at Spa Fuzion will have you experiencing true tranquility while improving circulation throughout.

Deep Tissue

When you can literally feel the tension knotting up in your body, a deep tissue massage is an excellent way to feel immediate relief. By implementing long, slow strokes, our experts will be able to restore structural balance to the deep tissue caused by chronic stress patterns.

Hot Stone

This distinctive method blends Swedish massage techniques with the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body. Hot stone massage therapy has numerous benefits, including improved circulation, decreased muscle spasms and body pain, reduced chronic stress, and improved flexibility in joints. With this massage, the professionals at Spa Fuzion will have you feeling intensely relaxed and fully rejuvenated.


Spa Fuzion loves moms! And to show them all how much, the professionals at Spa Fuzion have invited all expectant mothers to take special care of their bodies during this time with a prenatal massage. The experts at Spa Fuzion understand the distinct pressures and strains experienced during pregnancy, and are equipped with special massage techniques designed specifically for soon-to-be mothers.